Learn about the teachers who you will be learning from on June 15!

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10am - 11am

Yoga For Everyone - Emily Dickson 

Emily founded Serendipity Lane in 2017 with the intention to share her passion for yoga and wellness with the community. Serendipity Lane is a warm, welcoming studio offering group yoga and fitness classes. This is a space in which you are free to be unapologetically YOU. 


Emily Dickson

10am - 3pm (1 hour classes)

OOV - Kearsten Lyon 

Kearsten Lyon is the Founder of Toronto Movement Therapy, a Movement Therapy and Extended Health Clinic in Toronto.  She is also the Oov Educator for Ontario, a Franklin Method Educator and a trained Physiotherapy Assistant.


Kearsten has been working as a Pilates and Movement Therapist, Movement Coach and Movement Educator for over 10 years.  She specializes in working with people with chronic conditions, diverse health histories, the psycho-emotional elements of trauma and rehabilitation and injury prevention and performance enhancement for athletes.  She prides herself on creating positive movement experiences for people.


Kearsten is excited to be sharing the Oov with the participants at the Rise Wellness Festival!  The Oov is a tool designed by a Doctor of Osteopathy from Australia, it has proven to be a powerful tool for creating lasting change in the body and brain.  You will LOVE how you feel after moving on the Oov!


Kearsten Lyon 

11am - 12pm

Superhero Yoga

More Info to come...


Becky Allen


OMies Acro Yoga - Ciara Jean Beaton & Andrew Milliken

Acroyoga is the practice of trust. We have spent the last four years working together to marry this main element with a sense of play to help our students enliven their connections - whether it be with strangers, friends or partners. We believe deeply in bringing to life sweet acroyoga partnerships and a strong sense of community enriched with clear communication and built on these three foundations: trust, connect and play. As yoga teachers, we have had the privilege of witnessing acroyoga inspire our students to step out of their comfort zones so that they may truly soar to new heights and blossom their relationships with others - both on and off their mats.

Omies Acro Yoga_couple03.jpg

OMnies Instructor

1 - 2pm

The Foot Collective

We’re a global community of health advocates on a mission to help humans reclaim strong, functional and painfree bodies (….starting at the feet) through foot health education.

Our goal is to empower people with the knowledge they need to protect their bodies from the dangers of modern life and provide simple guidance on restoring functional, painfree and resilient feet & hips.


Nick St Louis

1 - 2pm

Jungle Adventure Yoga

Andrea first came to yoga as a very un-flexible cross country runner whose knees were crying out for a change. Over time and a committed yoga practice she experienced physical and spiritual transformation both on and off the mat. Andrea is a certified RYT and will encourage you to find that peaceful warrior within yourself. Growing her yoga knowledge, in addition to her RYT-200hrs, Andrea has completed over 80-Hrs of Yin Yoga certification and has attended workshops and trainings from internationally known yogis such as: Dharma Mittra, Sean Corne, Koya Webb, Kathryn Flynn, Amy Wren, and more.


Andrea Campbell


Kripalu Yoga - Jarryd Lee

Jarryd became captivated by yoga while rucksacking through India in 2009. This love of yoga led to his completion of over 500 hours of yoga teacher-training programs through the Kripalu Centre Massachusetts, U.S. and the Kailash Tribal School in Dharamsala, India. To deepen his understanding, Jarryd enrolled as a Yoga Studies major at Lakulish Yoga University from 2014-2018, he has since received a B.A in Yoga Education Studies with a focus on Karma, Gyan, and Bhakti Yoga (or the yoga of action, knowledge, and devotion). Through his training, he is developing an in-depth knowledge of ancient yoga texts and Indian epics. Jarryd believes that the integration of proper action, knowledge, and devotion form the foundation of a stable and deep yoga practice. This integrated approach to Classical Hatha Yoga shines through in his teaching.


Jarryd Lee

9am - 10am

Little Risers Race

The annual Little Thing kids run is happening at RISE Yoga & Wellness Festival this year! A free run for kids under 10! 500 m, 1k and 2k. It’s family friendly, non timed and a lot of fun for fast little legs! 


Becky Allen