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August 28

Partner Yoga - OMies Acro Yoga

Ciara and Andrew have been offering partner yoga and acroyoga together now for 6 years in the Ottawa area. Together, they offer an uplifting experience by creating an engaging and inclusive practice environment that is always filled with laughter. They both love to bring people together by offering a practice that is lighthearted, well-aligned and inspiring.




Ciara & Andrew

Leyette - outdoor meditaiton_edited.jpg

August 21

CANCELLED - Kids' Yoga - Leyette Ross

Leyette Ross is a compassionate, nurturing yoga teacher with a love of nature. She is known for bringing her calming presence, combined with a curious playfulness and a bit of humour, to her classes.

Leyette is an experienced yoga teacher who finds joy in offering a range of classes. From energizing corporate lunch breaks, calming meditations and playful yoga stories for kids, to creative and empowering vinyasa flows, her passion for sharing yoga is a driving force in her life.

Leyette also has a Marketing degree, Reiki 2nd degree attunement and is a practicing Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She believes in forever being a student; always curious and embracing opportunities to learn and expand ways to support the health and wellness of her family and clients.

Leyette photo - IBM_edited.jpg



Leyette Ross


August 7

Yoga & Pranayam - Jarryd Lee

Jarryd became captivated by yoga while rucksacking through India in 2009. This love of yoga led to his completion of over 500 hours of yoga teacher-training programs through the Kripalu Centre Massachusetts, U.S. and the Kailash Tribal School in Dharamsala, India. To deepen his understanding, Jarryd enrolled as a Yoga Studies major at Lakulish Yoga University from 2014-2018, he has since received a B.A in Yoga Education Studies with a focus on Karma, Gyan, and Bhakti Yoga (or the yoga of action, knowledge, and devotion). Through his training, he is developing an in-depth knowledge of ancient yoga texts and Indian epics. Jarryd believes that the integration of proper action, knowledge, and devotion form the foundation of a stable and deep yoga practice. This integrated approach to Classical Hatha Yoga shines through in his teaching.


Jarryd Lee


July 31

Pilates - Leia Antunes

Leia Antunes has pilates mat work certification and has used her skills and experience in her massage therapy practice with Art + Science Physiotherapy and Pilates and at Redeemer Dance Academy where she is Studio Director, as well as a passionate dance instructor. Being native to Smiths Falls, Leia is especially proud to contribute to her hometown in such a positive way!


Leia Antunes


July 17

Yoga - Emily Dickson

Emily's yoga practice began 10 years ago at university when she needed an outlet to deal with stress and anxiety. Right away she knew that yoga is an incredible tool for both body and mind.

Emily's favourite thing about this practice is that there is no end to the learning and discovery. Her ongoing exploration, along with a background in neuroscience and mental health, have led her to focus her classes on brain and body wellness; she believes we can't have one without the other. Expect Emily's classes to be both challenging (remember that it's just as important to make your brain sweat!) and accessible. Her hope is that you leave feeling strong, nourished and balanced!


Emily Dickson

Lillian Picture .jpg

August 21

Balance Yoga - Lillian Gudmundsson

Lillian completed her yoga teacher training in 2014 and has since earned additional certifications in mindfulness-based stress reduction, children's yoga and mindfulness and movement for trauma. Lillian's teaching goals are aimed at creating classes and sequences that are fun and challenging for the mind as well as the body. She guides her classes in a way that each student has the freedom to move in a manner that feels good for them and to take variations and poses that speak to what they need at that moment. She believes balance, in every respect, is at the core of any practice and incorporates this into all her classes.

Lillian Picture .jpg



Lillian Gudmundsson


August 14

Restore Yoga - Carly Bernard

Carly is the Owner of Hamsa Yoga in Carleton Place and has recently transitioned her studio into an online business which offers yoga, meditation and a variety of movement classes all from the comfort of your own home.

With over 17 years of personal experience practicing yoga and attending workshops/training sessions, Carly has developed a philosophy that we are all students of life working towards a common goal to achieve optimal living.

Yoga has become more than just a practice for Carly, which is reflected in her teaching. You can trust you’ll be led in a direction that will open and strengthen the body safely. Her underlying drive as a teacher and student is to elevate all aspects of life; Mind, Body and Health.


Carly Bernard


August 7

Pilates - Alexis Officer

Alexis Officer is a registered physiotherapist, clinical pilates teacher, and owner of Art + Science Physiotherapy and Pilates in Smiths Falls. Alexis believes wellness is a journey in which the heart, mind and body are growing together in synergy. By using the art of healing and the science of movement, Alexis empowers her clients to take ownership over their lifelong wellness and recover from pain.


Alexis Officer

Joelle Lepine - Yoga.jpeg

July 24

Yoga - Joelle Lepine

Joelle’s yoga journey began back in 2013, and her passion for the practice is what compelled her to teach.

Joelle believes that yoga is both a physical and a mental practice. Through physical postures, we can find mental clarity; the best classes will seamlessly unite both.

Joelle is a strong believer in proper technique and form. You may even leave the class knowing a new Sanskrit word or the history behind a certain pose. Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yogi, there is something for you in Joelle’s classes!

Joelle Lepine - Yoga.jpeg


Joelle Lepine


July 10

Gentle Yoga - Andrea Campbell

Andrea's love for yoga began as a cross country runner and corporate events manager whose body and mind were crying out for a change. Over the years she has reached an understanding of the importance of balance in all realms of life. Yoga and fitness have been the very essence of Andrea's physical and mental well-being and it is her passion to teach and share her experiences and knowledge with her students through studio and online classes, workshops, online communities and teacher training. Andrea's classes are a place where students can put their day away, release, let go, and feel the joy of breath, movement and stillness.



Andrea Campbell

Deb pic.jpg

August 21

Mindfulness - Deb McGuire

Deb is a registered Social Worker and a Counsellor with Bend Wellness. She brings integrated, trauma-informed, strengths-based approaches to both the counselling that she offers and the facilitation work that she does. She uses mindfulness as a tool across all of her work and is passionate about teaching skills that help people build resiliency.

Deb has a broad range of experience developing and delivering programs for young people, adults and other professionals. She has also built relationships and partnerships throughout her career as a community volunteer, giving her time to community governance in both health and education. After 15 years, Deb still continues to advocate for change at the community level.

Deb pic.jpg



Deb McGuire


August 14

GirlGoneGood® - Vickie Lanthier

Vickie is a 14 year military veteran who works as an IT consultant by day, completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2020, and runs GirlGoneGood® in her *ahem* spare time. Sounds like an odd mix of interests; however, adventure, media and health are the backbone of GirlGoneGood®.

As a frequent wanderer and avid day hiker with over 20 years of experience, Vickie understands how intimidating new trails can be if you don't have all the information to properly prepare. The resources at girlgonegood.com help bridge that gap so that you can experience the immense benefit to our well-being that nature provides, while engaging in safe and responsible recreation.




Vickie Lanthier

Carey Yoga Image_edited.jpg

July 31

Yoga - Carey Carty

Carey completed her 200-YTT in 2007. She has since completed training in Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, LoveYourBrain, Prenatal and Trauma-Sensitive yoga. Her passion is for weaving mindfulness and meditation into her yoga classes; Carey leads several meditation series and mindfulness retreats in the Ottawa area.

Carey is one of the instructors at Hamsa Yoga Studio in Carleton Place. She is also the proud owner of Drop Anchor Yoga & Meditation, providing yoga and meditation to individuals recovering from acquired brain injuries and trauma.

Carey Yoga Image_edited.jpg



Carey Carty


July 24

Hatha / Yin Yoga - Pam Cupak

As a passionate runner and fitness enthusiast, Pam's personal yoga journey began as an inflexible skeptic. Through perseverance and with the guidance of wonderful teachers she began to LOVE the practice and deeply appreciate the benefits yoga provided her tight body and busy mind. Now she aspires to offer the same encouragement and support to her students. With twelve years experience in the movement industry, Pam specializes in group fitness and yoga classes, postpartum rehabilitation and women's deep core and pelvic floor programming.


Pam Cupak


July 3

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Marina Quattrocchi

Dr. Marina Quattrocchi has been teaching yoga as an accredited teacher with the Yoga Alliance since 2003. She fell in love with yoga in 2000 while searching for methods to help control chronic pain. Her classes are vinyasa flow, a style beginning with a meditative/spiritual/emotional component, and where one movement flows naturally into the next. In 2016 Marina also became certified to teach Qigong, often referred to as Chinese Yoga, which is a great compliment to any yoga practice due to its slow rhythmic movements which promote healing and well-being.

After relocating from Toronto, Marina is looking forward to teaching in her hometown. She is offering outdoor yoga classes this summer in her garden on Monday evenings, as well as Qigong on Wednesday evenings. More info on her website!


Marina Quattrocchi